Driver USA has evolved to promote awareness of road safety through driver training and education. It is very essential for youngsters to be well versed with the aspects of road and traffic safety before they drive behind the wheel. This proactive gain of knowledge helps them avoid road mishaps. Our internet education for a teen driver lays a strong foundation on the same.

Making use of the innovative technology combined with education, we strive to enlighten the budding citizens on the right ways of driving. Through this, we believe to make our roads and highways much safer places to commute. We will have over 30-hours worth of home study that employs the latest in web technology and offer high quality teen driver education online to teen drivers ready to drive behind the wheel.

Internet and online education have the additional benefit of increasing parental involvement in their teen’s learning process. Hence better mentoring can be assured.

We have formulated this teen driver site with an intention to accommodate the teens all over the country. This website reduces the training time by almost half, is very easy to use and can be under taken by teen drivers who wish to obtain their drivers permit.

The extra advantage of reading our internet based teen driver education is the acquisition of teen driver permit and the knowledge gain on the driving safety aspects.

Ans: To apply for a permit, the following parameters are to be satisfied, Your age must be below 18 and above 15 1/2 years

Do visit a DMV office (make an appointment for faster service)
Fill in the application form DL 44 (An original DL 44 form must be submitted. Copies obtained by Xeroxing, faxing, or other methods will not be accepted.)
Get the signatures of your parents’ or guardians’ on the application form DL 44
Provide your thumb print
Provide your photograph
Provide your social security number for verification with the Social Security Administration.
Confirm your birth date and legal presence
Provide your true and full name
Submit the right forms for driver education and/or driver training
Pay the application fee – $25
Do pass a vision exam
Pass a test on traffic laws and signs. The test comprises 46 questions and you need to clear at least 39 to get a passing grade. 3 chances are given to pass the test. If you fail, you must wait 7 days to retake it.

2.How do I apply for a driver license?

Ans: To apply for a driver’s license,
You must have applied for a learner’s permit and have with held the permit for a 6 months time
You should have driven the required 50 hours (10 at night)
You should have passed the road test.

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the need for motor insurance

Automobile insurance has three important tasks. They include protecting the investment you and any other vehicle you may damage in an accident.
In addition, insurance, providing some degree of monetary protection for those who may seek damages for injuries sustained in some mishap and offers assistance if your car is damaged when it is parked on a street, parking lot or other public place.
Most states mandate mandatory insurance if you own a car, and some states insist that you carry insurance for uninsured motorists.

Premiums are based on the value of the car you drive, your driving record, your age and possibly some other factors that will vary among insurance companies.
No one likes to pay the premiums. Most people will let their insurance lapse. Thus, if they are at fault in an accident, the owner of the damaged car has to depend on the uninsured motorists’ coverage he carries. If that coverage is not adequate, the matter will likely end up in court.
Auto insurance is very much like health insurance in that you hope it will never be needed. That is usually not the case. An outstanding driver can sometimes be drawn into a situation where he is found at fault as a result of poor driving by a third party that caused a person to cross the center line, run through a red light or commit some other violation resulting in an accident.

This happened because the driver was trying to avoid an accident that was about to happen.
Automobile insurance has limitations. As any car ages, it depreciates in value. Thus, the $20,000 car purchased four years ago and kept in pristine condition will be worth less in the eyes of the insurance adjustor if it is “totaled” or damaged beyond repairs in an accident.
Most automobile insurance policies offer medical benefits if the owner or passengers of a car are injured in a two-car accident or because of a flat tire, the vehicle went off the road and hit a tree. Find our more information about policies and cover in new zealand here.
These benefits will cover minor injuries and a trip to the emergency room. If extensive medical treatment is needed, then a person’s medical insurance will take over covering the expenses. If you were not at fault, your insurance company may sue the driver who they believed caused the accident, in an effort to recover some or all the expenditures.
Finally, regardless of the insurance policy, many automotive accidents will end up in civil court where one side tries to collect additional compensation from the other party because the accident caused injuries that will require life-long treatment, or affect the person’s ability to earn a living.
Therefore, despite having the best insurance, the driver must do his part to protect his and people in the other vehicles.
Thus all drivers need to obey all laws, carry the required insurance and drive defensibly, which means the assumption is made that someone else will mistake. In that brief moment, it becomes the responsibility of the other driver to react in a manner that will avoid injury to you and others, and keep the vehicles out of the repair shops.

driving in irelandAs with the rest of the UK in Ireland you drive on the left hand side of the road. What is different from the UK is speed limits are in KM per hour instead of MPH. The speed limits are as follows:

  • Motorways 120 KM/h
  • Standard Roads 100KM/H
  • Regional Roads 80KM/H
  • Towns and Cities 50KM/H
  • Nears schools and special limits at 30KM/H

To show you what Km per hour to mph is I have a small conversion table below:

  • 30KM/h = 19 MPH
  • 50KM/H = 31 MPH
  • 60KM/H = 37 MPH
  • 80KM/H = 50MPH
  • 100KM/H = 62MPH
  • 210 KM/H = 75 MP/H

Documents need to legally drive on the roads in Ireland include:

  1. A Valid drivers licence
  2. Ownership documents including registration certificate or rental agreement
  3. A certificate o roadworthiness (MOT)
  4. Valid insurance documents

If you hold a foreign drivers licence and are allowed to drive in Ireland your details will be kept on a separate database for Ireland. You will be subject to irish driving laws and their penalty points system.

If you happen to get points while you are driving in Ireland these points will be stored. If you leave the country and come back at a later date the points will remain. So be careful because you could get a hefty fine or worse if you get further points on your licence.

Compared to the USA the irish roads are much smaller and they are more rural in general. Be prepared for these narrow lanes, there are many larger vans and buses that could squeeze you off the road if you are not careful. Also when driving at night the roads will not be as light as you are used to.

Remember it is not legal to drive while using a mobile phone, you can use it with a hands free kit though.

Seat belts must be worn at all times when the engine is running. It is an offence to not wear one.

Drinking and driving is a big no no. You are legally allowed to have 20mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. Generally you are able to drink just under a pint of beer and drive legally.

Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand. It is also one of the largest provinces covering an area of more than 500KM squared. To really get the best out of your holiday or travels I recommend using a quality car rental service. This way you can relax a bit more about getting around and doing your own thing. Some of the top tourist destinations include Doi Inthanon national park and Chiang Rai’s white temple  with all its contemporary art inside and out. It is quite easy to rack up on kilometers traveled.

One of the first things you will notice about all of Thailand is the most common form of transport, the motorbike and scooter. Generally the streets are swarming with people on them. I would advise against anyone renting them unless they have experience and even if they are convenient. Thailand has one of the highest deaths on motorbikes than almost any other country.



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